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8 mm
Hi -8
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8 mm
super 8


Your pictures
(snapshots, digital, 35 mm slides) 
Made into a slideshow ------------>


Your cassette tapes converted to CD's

  • Up to 2 hours of video on a DVD.  From $19.95
  • Up to 2 hours of movies on a DVD.  Short films can be combined to make several larger ones.  From $19.95
  • Several slideshows can be put on one disk.  A DVD will hold several hundred pictures.  Minimum pricing:  50 photos per slideshow.  Photos from snapshots and 35 mm slides: 75 cents per photo.  Photos from digital (on a CD) 50 cents per photo.
  • Background music available on movies and slideshows.
  • Slideshows and videos can be combined on the same DVD.
  • Transfer cassette tapes to a CD:  from $14.95
  • Transfer records (78,33,45,16rpm) to CD's;  from $14.95
  • All DVD's will have a menu unless otherwise requested.
  • All disks will have professional labels.
  • Sample DVD available on request.


JS Video Converters

Joe Schlientz
email:  JSVideoConverter@aol.com
PHONE:  (760)779-5948  January - May
                  (360)426-2103  June - December

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